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In the statement, Country Garden reiterated that the ranking was not made by an international authoritative organisation and implied that the Youtuber made such allegations to gain more views.

Malaysia's Forest City and the Damage Done – The Diplomat

Country Garden also found that the claims made in the video as outrageous and biased, pointing out how the same Youtube channel held a different view about Forest City in a short period.

Despite this, Country Garden understood that the content creator has the freedom to express their personal opinion and would not issue any further comments about the matter.
A model of the Forest City development at Country Gardens’ showroom in Johor Bahru. Image: Malay Mail.

The developer further clarified that Forest City is a long term project with 25 to 30 years development span.

So far, the total completed construction area is about 4 million square metres with 2 five-star hotels, 2 international standard 18-hole golf courses, an international school with a century-old history, commercial facilities and other public facilities and amenities.