The quick answer is that a lot of HVAC or furnace maintenance ads are made by with this bait-and-switch strategy. The method is designed to convince you that you’ll get an amazing deal on services for cleaning your furnace but in reality, that you should be aware of the small print. A lot of ads offer base price, but they will only offer a limited number of registers. the rest of the registers are an additional cost.

A lot of duct cleaning firms may have additional charges including charges for hookups, portable fees AC coils fees and waste material handling charges.

There are some easy steps you can take as furnace cleaning service a homeowner, to ensure you are aware of the amount you’ll be charged for furnace maintenance services. They’re like this:

  1. Make a list of all registers within your home. Hot and cold. Be sure you include those that are located at the bottom. A typical home has 20-25 registers.
  2. Tell the furnace maintenance company the fact that your home has air conditioner, and it is included in your estimate.
  3. Ask if there are any additional charges for hook-ups, an portable vacuum system, if needed, and waste disposal costs.
  4. Find out if the furnace cleaning company who is scheduled to visit your house is NADCA certified. Not all furnace cleaning businesses have the same level of expertise in terms of expertise and certifications.
  5. Find out how long the task will take from beginning to finish. This process will take at minimum two hours to complete an efficient task.
  6. Request to see the results. A trustworthy company will have an duct scope as a standard tool , so that the client can inspect the ducting from the inside once the work is completed.
  7. Find out if the furnace filter is to be cleaned or replaced during the maintenance. A majority of companies will replace your filthy furnace filter using an ordinary filter that is just 35 percent effective. It’s possible that you’ll need an appropriate filter replacement of your choice to be put in place after the furnace cleaning has been completed.

Northern Alberta the typical cost for furnace cleaning is usually between $300-$400 for a reliable company. For more information, visit the national association for air duct cleaning or NADCA firms who have been accredited are found on their website that can be searched by province, state and city.

Home Pros Group is a NADCA certified company that operates across Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Red Deer Alberta. Our furnace cleaners have been trained and ac coil cleaning according to NADCA standards as well as the Home Pros standards.