Humans were created to love and be loved. Every baby is born with the need to feel nurtured and loved. As children grow older, they dream of falling in love and getting married one day. And, as we get older, most of us eventually find someone we love and eventually get onlyfans free trial linksĀ 
married. We hope our love lasts forever. Eventually the butterflies we once felt in our stomachs morph into mature, committed love, and while we feel butterflies less often, there are other good feelings that move to fill in the gaps. There is commitment, security, companionship, and true love grows stronger over time.

Unfortunately, there are many people who never get over butterflies or the honeymoon phase of love. They cannot move into a mature relationship that does not give them a constant feeling of being in love. These people are said to have an addiction to love.

What is love addiction?

Love addiction occurs in humans when they become addicted to the feeling they get from being in love. Although it is common, most addicts do not know that they are affected. They just have a longing for the dizzying, romantic love that is common in new relationships. These people can also be addicted to a current love relationship, or a couple.

What are the symptoms of love addiction?

People addicted to love have some common symptoms. These symptoms include:

* Obsession and desire to control the object of his affection.
* Many failed relationships.
* Keep feelings and emotions locked up inside.
* Loneliness and emotional detachment from others.
* An inability to live without being in a loving relationship.
* The inability to trust others.
* Use sexual intercourse to feel loved.
* Fear of abandonment.

Why do people get addicted to love?

There are many complicated reasons why one becomes addicted to love. Some of the most common risk factors are:

* Children who were neglected during their first five years of life often grow up with an unhealthy desire for love and affection.

* Those who are recovering from alcohol and drug addictions often turn to relationships as a surrogate addiction. This also applies to people who come from homes where there was addiction or other family dysfunction.

* People with low self-esteem often feel unworthy of true love and become obsessed with “earning” love through sex and other inappropriate behaviors.

The consequences of love addiction

If the love addict is not treated, there are often negative consequences. These include anxiety and depression, job loss, and the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to addiction, other self-destructive behaviors may appear, such as drug and / or alcohol abuse. Therefore, it is crucial to seek help for this destructive behavior.

How do you overcome addiction to love?

Like any addiction, love addictions can be difficult to break. The first step is to realize that there is a problem and that it needs to be addressed. A good place to start is supportive therapy or a good 12-step recovery program. Treatment will focus on breaking destructive patterns in relationships and finding love with real people, rather than romantic ideals. After treatment, the addict must work to establish boundaries in relationships. These may include not being physically intimate before thirty days or not flirting.